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Aug 3, 2015 by Sarah

We signed up with Reach Local after a very nice guy called Lloyd approached us and told us that he could run our campaign better then it was running currently. He told us he was working on behalf of Google and that they got “cheaper clicks”. I wasted almost £40,000 with this company and felt so betrayed when I found out they kept half of this for themselves even when my campaign was not working. They even suggested a reason for it not working was that I needed to spend more. This company needs to be brought to justice.

Thanks Sarah for your review. If you would like help in claiming back then feel free to call us.

Aug 3, 2015 by Paul

I am even more disappointed now that I see below that there are companies who were told about this outrageous margin. If they said that 50% was for their services, what did they say the service/management fee of 10% was for? I was told that the 10% management fee was for managing my campaign. It seems strange to have a 50 % margin and a 10% management fee – you must have had an even better salesman then the one that duped me!My campaign looked like it was great, we could see calls coming in and form submits, we even calculated that we were getting a return. The problem is this, unless you run a campaign with another agency who spend all of your money you have nothing to compare to. When we did try another agency after Reach Local, we go 3 times the amount of enquiries! They mislead us and nearly ruined our small business.

Jul 21, 2015 by Owner

I have spent thousands of pounds with Yell/Hibu. I never gained a single client from the money I have spent, when I ask for any proof on where my money was spent (supposed to be Adwords) they refuse to supply evidence. £10,000’s into a black hole, they take the money, show no evidence of spending it, or managing a campaign and refuse to answer my emails. Complete waste of money.

Jul 21, 2015 by MD
I run a campaign for a few years with Reachlocal. They have very good sales guys who convinced me they were the best Google Partner for me to spend my budget through.Everything seemed great on the face of it until I was notified by another media agency that Reachlocal was only part spending my budget and retaining around 60% for themselves.I was lied to when I signed up and at every meeting thereafter – disgusting.

Jul 21, 2015 by Owner

We recently used these guys and they told us all our money was being used for adwords. We later found out that only half was being spent.Stay away.

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