We are offering all visitors the opportunity to have a free independent Google Adwords Audit Worth £250.

There are 1000’s of companies both large and small who are running Adwords campaigns for customers and hiding essential data regarding performance and spend.

Is it possible that only some of your Adwords budget is being spent?

Are there hidden margins that you are unaware of?

Have you been given full access to the Google Adwords platform? If not why not?

Do you log into a third party platform and only see what they want you to see?

We are offering you the opportunity to have this investigated by our recommended third party adwords partner for Free.

The online advertising marketplace is fast gaining a reputation similar to that of second hand car sales. No one knows who to trust or believe and at present those who shout loudest seem to be winning. Unfortunately these are the powerhouses which we have seen to be the biggest offenders.

Companies such as ReachLocal, Fast Generations, Altitude internet to name a few are all using platforms to hide the real spend from you the customer.

Premier SMB Partners – “powerhouses”

Google provides a platform for running Adwords and it has all of the real/raw data in respect to spend and performance. Please see screen shot below. If you can not access this, we have to assume they do not want you to see the “real” data. Why?

Complete the form to ensure that your companies future is secure and that you are not throwing away those valuable advertising pounds.  Your business is at risk if you are not fully aware of how much of your money is being spent on your number one lead source.

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Free independent Google Adwords Audit
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