About Us

We are an experienced team of marketers with years of expertise in Google AdWords, Google analytics and other software tracking tools. Using this knowledge and these tools we understand the processes of Google AdWords and other paid search mediums.

We use this knowledge to understand the real data making sure you have been getting the most out of your paid search campaigns.

We work in tandem with some of the most established Law Firms and Barristers in the UK to help bring successful claims against companies that have either mis-sold or mis-managed paid search services to UK businesses.

Paid search can be any advertising medium that uses a Pay Per Click (also known as Cost Per Click) system. The most commonly used mediums are Google AdWords, Bing/Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn ads.

Google AdWords is the UK market leader with around 85% of the marketplace.


A History Of Successful Claims

Our team have already been successful in claiming back hundreds of thousands of pounds from companies selling Pay Per Click advertising to UK companies. Our largest claim is for over £100,000 a month and our minimum is £600 per month.

We aim to help as many companies as possible not only claim the money owed to them but also in some situations help them claim for compensation through missed opportunities due to  mis-sold/mismanaged Pay Per Click advertising campaigns.

If you have been or think you may have been mis-sold/mismanaged Pay Per Click advertising Contact us Today to see how we can help. CALL: 0208 419 8448

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